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      1. Kaiping Jenor Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd
        • Date:2022-07-13
        • Read:359
        I often hear insiders sigh: the water in the bathroom industry is too deep! Indeed, sanitary ware enterprises are far from as easy to do as many people think. Not to mention that Shuishi, an international brand that has lasted for many years, is not satisfied. In fact, it accounts for a small proportion of the overall market share. Take a look at domestic sanitary ware enterprises, whether they are real estate brands in front of the store and behind the factory, or regional brands that dominate one side, whether they are household appliance enterprises doing sanitary ware across borders, or professional national brands, "every family has a difficult experience", some are not making money, some are not doing it well. What is the reason for this,? The answer must be that different people have different opinions.
        Sanitary ware is an integrated product, customized product and engineering project, which determines that the service support system of sanitary ware enterprises is much more complex than that of traditional industries. For traditional industries, all the sales process after users sign and pay is called after-sales. You can buy a dress and take it home. It's very simple to buy a TV with at most one handling link. On the contrary, after signing the contract, there is a complete process of production, logistics and installation. This process is not only error prone, but also requires the guarantee of human and material resources. In fact, it is a very key link in the whole order implementation process.
        Dealers need to have installation teams, logistics and storage conditions, while manufacturers need to have the ability to control product quality, guarantee delivery time, user information and complaints, which leads to the importance of the entire service support system compared with traditional industries. However, the current situation is that most bathroom manufacturers, including many brands, simply "ignore" the management of end consumers, so that the user satisfaction rate of bathroom products is far lower than that of traditional industries. Of course, there are many reasons for this. Users hope that businesses can complete part of their kitchen decoration projects and have relatively strict requirements on design, installation and delivery date.
        The order management of bathroom enterprises is very complex. From the introduction of products by the distributor's salesperson, the measurement of the designer's room, the repetition of the ruler, to the confirmation of the order; There is a long process from receiving orders, reviewing orders, dismantling orders, to product procurement and installation information feedback. Every link is prone to errors or delays, so order accuracy is a very important management indicator in the sanitary industry. Some large enterprises in the bathroom industry even separated order management from sales management and became a separate system. It can be seen how important order management is! Order management needs the help of information systems or a large number of manual support, which is an insurmountable obstacle for many enterprises.
        We know that the marketing of traditional products generally includes sales management system (salesperson management, channel management, order management), market promotion system (market research, promotional activities, new product launch, brand publicity), service support system and product development system. These systems are needed by sanitary enterprises, but the connotation is very different.
        The product development system is also different. The development of traditional products emphasizes the function, cost and price of products, while the development of sanitary products pays attention to the appearance, style, style and culture of products. In addition, the integration concept is prominent in terms of functions. For teams accustomed to the traditional industry development process or modular division of labor, the development of sanitary ware is really difficult to understand.
        The bathroom storefront is an integrated experience store, and its location, size and decoration image are the keys to success or failure, which is quite different from traditional industries. The display design is not only a part of the store, bathroom products and corporate culture occupy a very important content, and the pattern of bathroom shopping malls is diverse, it is difficult to rely on general decoration companies to do the display design of terminal stores, and it is not like the home appliance and clothing industries to do a set of store image standards, which can be followed by dealers. Brand bathroom enterprises need to have the ability to support the display design of "giant" multi storefront.
        Sanitary ware is a new industry, and most of the employees are novices, but the core of the industry, such as direct sales, design, installation, etc., are highly professional positions. The personnel of these positions can only be trained by the enterprise itself, which requires the bathroom brand enterprise to have a strong training support ability.
        It requires enterprises to have sufficient capital, talents, bosses or decision makers to have full understanding and insight into the industry, which is very difficult to achieve. Grass roots bathroom brands are often short of capital and talents; Household appliances cross-border bathroom, and few enterprise decision-makers have enough understanding of the bathroom industry, and their heads are all home appliance marketing. This is the fundamental reason why sanitary ware enterprises can't do well.
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